Time-proven expertise
in the areas of optical microscopy, image analysis and IT

Smart Endoscope

Software complex for storage, classification, and search of endoscopic videos, including functions for automated selection of danger zones, and telemedicine tools

  • Create your database with videos and processing results
  • Access your storage via LAN and Internet
  • Provide immediate access to videos for your colleagues anywhere in the world
  • Perform scientific research in the area of video-based automated diagnostics


Storage can be convenient

Load endoscopic examination video into the storage, and use remote review, description, and search functions

Record endoscopic videos

Try experimental feature of direct recording endoscopic video with automated selection of danger areas (please check availability for your endoscope)



Easily connect to your storage via Internet, and provide access to slides for your colleagues


Use simple tools to create consulting tasks, and control the performance. Researchers have their own dashboards, and convenient tools that allow writing a report. Just add users, and send them links to start working


Perform scientific research

Unique solutions for analysis of displayed mucosa, and research tools


Simplicity and nothing in excess

We did implement only key functions, but all of them are necessary, convenient and easy to use

Ready to work

Delivered as a preconfigured server that has to be connected to power and Internet

Minimum requirements

Only Internet connection is required. Wireless modems are supported

New approaches

The complex is based upon the results of researching mucosal microstructures. Using real time video analysis module, you can take your part in research

Import substitution

Developed and assembled in Russia

Kit Contents

  • Specialized server with installed and customized software
  • Monitor
  • Keyboard, mouse