Time-proven expertise
in the areas of optical microscopy, image analysis and IT


Solution that expands simple optical microscopy functionality up to the modern remote pathology system.

  • Create digital slides
  • Fill your own storage of slides and test results
  • Provide immediate access to slides for your colleagues anywhere in the world
  • Can be used as a usual microscope


New level of work

Select a research mode that suits your best – use microscope eyepieces or a computer display

Forget about limitations

Don’t think about specimen dimensions, specimen preparation and glass quality. Just mount the specimen, and select an interest area. The slide will be built automatically, and you will be able to view it instantly with your browser


Save whatever you need

It is possible to save any slide or view field in a built-in storage, and tag it for fast and convenient search in the future


Easily connect to your storage via Internet, and provide access to slides for your colleagues



Use simple tools to create consulting tasks, and control the performance. Researchers have their own dashboards, and convenient tools that allow writing a report

Enough counting with your eyes

It is possible to run quantitative analysis while making a digital slide, select objects, classify them, and perform calculations. The report will be ready when the slide is complete



The complex is two to three times less expensive compared to the foreign analogs. If you have a microscope already (currently supported are two models – Zeiss PrimoStar, and Meiji MT4300L), we can make a complex on its base, so you will save the money

Complete solution

The complex includes all of the components necessary for work – a microscope, a digital camera, a computer, and automation kit, and software

Minimum requirements

Only Internet connection is required. Wireless modems are supported

Import substitution

Developed and assembled in Russia

Kit Contents

  • Specialized server with installed and customized software
  • Meiji MT4300 L optical microscope
  • Digital camera
  • Motorized microscope stage
  • Microscope controller
  • Focusing drive
  • Objective nosepiece drive
  • Monitor
  • Keyboard, mouse