Time-proven expertise
in the areas of optical microscopy, image analysis and IT

SIAMS Company Information


A group of associates formed a development team as a laboratory for structure simulation. Core of the team was comprised of Ural polytechnical Institute (UPI) graduates.


SIAMS (Systems of Image Analysis and Modeling Structures) was found. First product from the series of SIAMS 200 image analyzers with wide range of imaging functions was released


Company released SIAMS 340 – the first specialized solution for materials science.
First serial version of image analyzer that became a base for several specialized solutions:
SIAMS 341 – Express analysis of pig iron castings with various forms of graphite
SIAMS 342 – Express analysis of grain size in steels and alloys
SIAMS 343 – Express analysis of non-metallic inclusions in steels and alloys
SIAMS 344 – Quantitative phase analysis


SIAMS 400 – A successful attempt of integrating software customization tools into the analyzer
Key distinctive features of the product included:

  1. Built-in programming language (Image Programming Language – IPL)
  2. Menu configuration capabilities
  3. Standard for image input devices


SIAMS 500 was the first solution that supported video blasters. User interface was substantially improved, and color image support was introduced.
Analyzer was sold in three versions: SIAMS 500 Color, SIAMS 500 Gray, and SIAMS 500 Scanner.
Business Computer subsidiary company was found to sell computer hardware, design, and cable LANs


Revolutionary transition to MS Windows.
SIAMS 600 Analyzer released. SIAMS 600 users include industrial giants and scientific institutions.
SIAMS 600 family:
SIAMS 610 – Laboratory complex for biological image analysis
SIAMS 620 complex for analyzing coals and coal mixtures
SIAMS 640 license plate recognition complex

Company performed several projects in the area of web design and IT consulting for the Government of Sverdlovsk Oblast and City of Ekaterinburg Administration.

ВSIAMS Ltd won an international tender organized by Philips Company to develop medical information system for the Sverdlovsk oblast Oncology Hospital (Ekaterinburg). Company developed and released software series under Medoffice(r) brand.

Several information systems were released on the medical market:

Automated systems for medical statistics: “Sverdlovsk Oblast Intranet server of medical statistics”, “Data and analysis server of Sverdlovsk Oblast Ministry of Health”
“Derm” expert diagnostic system.
“PROFSCREEN” analytical system for running medical screenings


SIAMS 600 becomes 32-bit.
Company explores new markets, and has projects in nuclear, air, construction materials, and oil and gas industries


SIAMS 700 – a new product strategy, based upon the spreadsheet logic, and imaging experience – the Smart Imaging Spreadsheet concept.
SIAMS 700 analyzers are successfully employed at multiple metallurgy plants, in machine engineering (including air and space, and automotive industries), in nuclear industry, power generation, oil and gas extraction and processing.
Number of SIAMS 700 implementations in Russia and CIS exceeds one thousand.

SIAMS Services Ltd was found to perform large scale IT projects. Company clients include industrial companies, governmental organizations, medical and other organizations. The company has a team of scientific professionals, software developers, and service engineers, the company is constantly working to create new approaches and solutions in the area of information technologies.

The US company Smart Imaging Technology was established to work on international markets. The company has more than one hundred successful implementations of Smart Imaging Spreadsheet technology all over the world. Clients include NASA and NIST, world industry leaders such as Halliburton, Saudi Aramco oil company, Tetra Pak, Applied Materials, Noranda Aluminum, Wyman Gordon, and Seagate Technologies, and more than 15 technical universities in the US, including MIT.


SIAMS-CP Nanotech complex for analysis of nanoscale objects, structures, and materials was developed in collaboration with RAS Center of Photochemistry


SIAMS actively participates in the programs of science and technologies development in Russia together with Kurchatov Institute, MFTI, MIFI, RAS Center of photochemistry, and other leading organizations. The company develops multiscale solutions and infrastructure for support of scientific computing. nanoModel.ru project was implemented, an educational resource for educational institutions, that allows internet-based research in the area of nanotechnologies.

Smart Imaging Technologies, representing SIAMS in the foreign markets, was included in top-100 technological startups in the US by the Red Herring magazine, and the main product of the company was included in top 100 list of the best innovative products by R&D Magazine.


Developments in the areas of panoramic microscopy, and microtomography, high-productivity calculations, image recognition, and machine learning. Forming electronic microstructure atlases. SIAMS 800, Smart-XYZ, SIAMS FC, LabCenter, SmartCase products were developed. Several industrial information systems were created within the SIAMS MES project. Several large projects were performed in collaboration with international oil servicing companies. SIAMS company took part in webconislium project. Results of research in the area of remote cancer diagnostics were presented to Russian President V. Putin .


SIAMS company took leading positions in Russia in the field of developing microscopy systems for

  • metallurgy and materials science
  • mining industry
  • oil and gas industry
  • heat resistant materials industry
  • coke industry
  • cement industry
  • nanotechnologies
  • biotechnologies
  • semiconductor industry
  • medicine.